At Bel-Air Toyota, we treat every part of your Toyota with premium quality and care, including your tires. From fitting and sizing, our Tire Selector will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We will offer only the best prices and tires for your Toyota. Bring your Toyota to Bel-Air and you will experience the top-notch service your Toyota deserves!

With our Price Match Promise, you can rest assured your new tires will be Toyota authorized and priced right.

Find the right Tires and Tire Sizes recommended for your Toyota.


Replacing your Toyota Tires

Different needs, different tires. Read below to find out which type of tire is the best for you.

Performance Tires from $125.00

With soft rubber compounds, a low profile and sporty appearance, most Performance Tires are designed for:

  • Sharp steering response and firm grip on dry pavement
  • Gripping the road
  • Firm ride quality
  • Shedding water to avoid hydroplaning

All Season Tires from $75.00

Most Toyota vehicles are equipped with “All Season” original equipment tires. They’re designed for:

  • Good, nimble performance in a wide variety of conditions
  • Long tread life
  • Ride comfort and a quiet ride
  • Low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency

Light Truck Tires from $125.00

Toyota Trucks and SUVs may be equipped with Light Truck original equipment tires. They’re designed for:

  • On-road handling and comfort
  • Off-road traction
  • High-level performance
  • All-weather, all purpose

Winter Tires from $115.00

Winter Tires are designed to perform optimally in both snowy conditions and cold temperatures, providing the performance and safety you expect. In fact, they’re recommended as soon as average daily temperatures drop below 7°C. For passenger vehicles, they are legally required on some BC highways after October 1st and in Quebec between December 15th and March 15th.

  • Installing four tires is recommended.
  • We make switching tires easier by using steel or aluminum rims.
  • Many Toyota Dealers offer Tire Storage

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